What is... Vibroacoustic Therapy

Vibroacoustic Therapy is an inner attunement system where the experience of riding the waves of amniotic fluid in the womb are recreated.  VAT will  bring you back to your balanced, authentic state of being,  before your body-mind was influenced by culture, education, religion,  belief systems and stress.  

Benefits Include Improvement of  many common conditions including 

Impaired circulation





Sport Injuries


Menstrual Pain

Back Pain

Headache, Migraine

Fibromyalgia/ Fibrositis

Kidney Stones

Post Operative conditions

ANY Physical and or emotional pain can be lessened or eliminated with regular treatment 


How does it work?

All living things vibrate with energy.  Matter, including the human body , vibrates at various frequencies. Stress, junk food,  noise pollution, air pollution, too many news shows, all contribute to the build up of dissonant frequencies that throw us out of balance and we can feel overwhelmed, tired, depressed, angry, etc.  Or,  we develop chronic pain or indigestion.   When a  resonant  frequency is  introduced ,   your bodys' energetic field responds by aligning  with that frequency, bringing you closer to  a state of balance.   These sound waves,  or  frequencies, travel through the body in a very gentle, soothing wave like pattern that feels as if you are experiencing an internal massage to every cell and tissue. 

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